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Yeah, yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, that they didn’t stop to think if they should. –Ian Malcolm

… is what most people bear about themed cafes sometimes. But we definitely won’t say that about the Jurassic World Cafe that will be open to public from 6 November 2020 to 3 January 2021!

Jurassic World Cafe comes to Singapore

Be transported into Isla Nublar at ION Sky, with its breathtaking view all the way up at level 55 of ION Orchard. This immersive experience is suitable for families and fanatics alike with themed menu items and exclusive merchandise from the well-loved movie franchise, Jurassic World – which is set to release its highly anticipated third installment in June 2022.

So, Who’s Hungry?

The menu here is all themed to the movie franchise and is inspired by key elements, such “Volcano Curry” emulating lava from the active volcano in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the “Geologic Parfait” and “Lava Cookies”.

The Volcano Curry ($23) is a volcano made of rice and pulled pork curry liberally spread onto the plate like lava. To me, this is arguably the star (main) dish of the pop-up. It even comes with a postcard you can prop up for some Instagram moments.

Volcano Curry.
Postcard for the ‘gram.

The Jurassic World Burger ($28) is made of a huge bun generously holding a thick beef patty, bacon and mushrooms. Be warned, it might be considered a ‘safe’ option but it is by no means shy of serving size.

Jurassic World Burger.

Other mains include the Nasi Lemak with a cutout of the four Velociraptor siblings and Curly Fries on the side.

You can also get a cup of hot beverage, like a latte ($6) which comes with a concept latte design in the form of a dinosaur, or a Mosasaurus Soda ($8) for a minty, herby refreshing finish! There are also other choices like the Brachiosaurus Mint Pandan and Brachiosaurus Chendol (not pictured), but those are more instagrammable for sure.

The title of pièce de résistance however, definitely goes to their star dessert, the Fossil Excavation Cake ($16), which is a sponge cake with layers of vanilla, white chocolate mousse, which is ‘buried’ in yet another layer of chocolate and biscuit crumbs. So it feel like you’re digging up some millions-year old dinosaur bones. Diggy Diggy Hole ahead!

Fossil Excavation Cake, where you can be a dwarf and diggy diggy hole.

Christmas Tree-Rex

The cafe will run through the Christmas period, starting with a couple of Christmas menu specials, the Christmas Meat Platter ($25) and Cranberry Mint Chocolate ($9) available from today!

Cranberry Mint Chocolate. Image by 1-Group
Christmas Meat Platter. Image by 1-Group

There’s also a merchandise area where you (or the kids) can lay your/their hands on some sweet toys, and see the raptor lego sculpture right at the corner.

Last but not least, the cafe full of photospots set against the beautiful skyline viewable at ION Sky. The life-size figure of Blue, the beloved velociraptor, is also there for some good ol’gram shots!

Have tea with a Tea-Rex.
T is also for toys.

Welcome To Jurassic Park

Ian Malcolm: You will remember to wash your hands before you eat anything?

Due to the current social distancing precautions, reservations are highly encouraged. The cafe will be open daily from 11am to 10pm, and tables will be available for booking from 6 November 2020 onwards. To book your table, call +65 8028 1489 or write in to reservation@jurassicworldcafe.sg.

You can visit their website for more information as well.

And yes, we’ll remind Ian to thank John for a lovely weekend.

Now, we’re going back to our dino-snore.

Good night, Blue.

Jurassic World Cafe is brought to you by Universal Brand Development, 1-Group, venue partner ION Orchard and PARCO – a licensee of Jurassic World Cafe.