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Did you know that Switzerland’s national day is August 1? That’s not too far away from us over here in Singapore (9 August)! For many a local-schooled millennial, Switzerland holds a pretty significant place in our memories in the form of a case study in our social studies textbooks (I do recall our “O” Levels paper that year had that as a topic as well). Sadly I’ve just learnt that the case study has since been taken out from the syllabus! #sadface

Well to be frank, I learnt about this from a humble wurst (German for sausage) store simply called “Wursthans Switzerland” located at Paya Lebar Quarters (PLQ). As to the origin of their name:

Originated from Switzerland, Wursthans is a German wordplay, derived from the word “Hanswurst”. where “Wurst” which means sausage, while “Hans” is a common German first name so Wursthans: (wʊəst’hans) Hans, the sausage expert or Hans, who lives for sausages and we are really hoping that all of you will be Hans in your own way! 

Wursthans Switzerland Facebook Page
Phase 2 Circuit Breaker sure whets Singaporeans’ appetites!

Switzerland cuisine, along with most of the country, is a huge cultural melting pot of German, Italian, and French references. Kind of how we have yellow noodles dishes from literally all significant ethnic groups here in Singapore as well.

In German efficiency, the food at Wursthans is straightforward yet still has a a good variety — you either pick from a selection of Rösti meals, or you can make your own meals from a list of mains and sides. If potatoes are not your thing, there’s the Swiss Meatloaf Sandwich and other things like salads for your consideration. One super worth meal is their Swiss Rotisserie Chicken, which is worth a meal for two.

For reference of our simple brunch, we had a Gotthard Rösti which has a Cervelat sausage and topped with an egg, and a Rösti (half portion) with spicy sausage with mixed greens (a DIY).


To celebrate #SwissNationalDay, they’re now offering some specials just for the occasion. Featuring:

Kalbsbratwurst an Zwiebelsauce mit Rösti:
Veal Bratwurst, Onion Sauce, Wursthans Jumbo Rösti, Swiss Barley Soup – $19.90

Wurst-Käse-Salat mit Bündner Gerstensuppe:
Cervelat Cheese salad with smoked Pork Cervelat, Emmental Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes, Iceberg Lettuce, Cornichons, Onions, Mustard Vinaigrette, Swiss Barley Soup – $16.90

Takeaways and delivery available (for a fee). Order here!

Till then, we’ll be back for more Swiss casual dining!

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