Stressed? Reverse it for Desserts!

LUNA Patisserie is a relatively new entry in the dessert scene in Singapore, opened in March 2020.

Having known for their superbly minimalistic aesthetics when it comes to the food, let’s let the pictures do the talking.

LUNA These New Flavours

So recently they launched two new flavours, almost like a small celebration of being able to come out to enjoy good food again โ€” the Yuzu Meringue Cake and Rose Raspberry.

The Rose Raspberry ($8/slice, $80 whole cake) is made with “Vanilla sponge on a raspberry puffed rice base with layers of rose Valrhona Ivoire 30% chocolate ganache and rose mousse with raspberry bits, coated with raspberry Chantilly cream and topped with fresh berries” Indeed there is a generous body to the cake, and a rather intense hint of the rose which initially made me guess it’s a bandung flavoured cake (Disclaimer: I went totally uninformed, and I was glad to have that mystery experience after all).

The Yuzu Meringue Cake ($8/slice, $80 whole cake) is a pleasant twist to the traditional lemon variant, with a more pronounced tang to contrast the cream. There’s also strong fruity, citrus notes that you don’t get with the lemon. Otherwise it’s a no-nonsense, straightforward piece of work.

Now personally, I always appreciate flavours that complement the kind of weather we have to endure here in Singapore. The two new flavours by LUNA certainly ticks those boxes with its refreshing flavours and generous mouthfeel, perfect for the local tastebuds!

More Information

LUNA Patisserie

53 Amoy Street Singapore 069879
Mon to Fri: 12pm to 6:30pm
Sat and Sun: 12pm to 4pm
Website: luna.sg
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