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(NOTE: The cafe is closed for a bit till 16 Nov 2017)

Iced T

Tired of the same sweet bottled beverages you can find in convenience stores, or the saccharine-loaded teas soaked in cheap milk-flavoured powder? Not that they’re not enjoyable (I’d like an Arizona I C E D Tea once in a while), but I guess we should be mindful of what we putin us, especially since we’re here doing food reviews.

Cafe Yellow

In the town (where I was kind of born), at the far end of the second floor of Millenia Walk, sits a Citroen van that’s painted the brightest of yellow. Together with We The People (the Kickstarter products store), the aptly visually-named Cafe Yellow is a simple get-up that serves naturally-flavoured teas that are no added sugar.

Some of my favourites from their cold brew tea series are the mango sticky rice flavor with strong coconut hints reminding you of the markets of Bangkok, and the Hojicha with a fragrant malty taste reminiscent of the temples of Kyoto. For you caffeine junkies, they also serve Nitro cold brew coffee (seeing a trend here)!

Oh, did I mention that Cafe Yellow also run by the loveliest동생 ever, Sohee?


hole-in-the-wall-ness: [star rating=”3.5″]
Ever since the previous anchor (Harvey Norman) moved out, it’s pretty quiet on the second floor of Millenia Walk, so you don’t really notice it so much.

Price: [star rating=”3.5″]
At $5-7 per drink, it’s pretty reasonable, and you get a nice ambiance away from the buzz. #protip: It’s a good hiding place when you need to rest from visiting the many conventions at nearby Suntec City Convention Center.

Quality: [star rating=”4″]
It’s a simple variety of beverages, but they all taste fresh and wholesome, none of that overtly sweetened syrups!

Overall: [star rating=”3.5″]
Decent teas and a nice view (with pretty owner as a bonus)? We could drop by every time we’re in the area!

More Information

Cafe Yellow
Level 2, Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039596
Tel: 9233 0627
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