Having had one too many chicken rice or vegetarian economic beehoon where I stay, when Phase 2 came about I decided to be a bit bougie when our friends could finally come over (while still observing the safe distancing rules!). Away from the usual pizza or fried chicken group party food, I recall this thing I came across on an episode of Food King for Kiap:

Segment Starts at 5:30

KiapTogether with Kiap

Kiap is the brainchild of The Slake Collective, who also run Slake located at Swan Lake Avenue (geddit?). On the menu are tacos and sammies (sandwiches) with an Asian twist. I’m not even going to call this FuSiOn FlAvOuRs because it’s straight-up a-to-the-z-n Asian!

So we went ahead to order their Taco Feast Bundle ($99) which came with 12 assorted tacos. While they don’t look big, they were pretty much as wide as your hand goes, so it fills you up pretty fast (most of us could only manage 2 at most).

The flavours themselves while familiar to all, had quite a delighful rendition. Kind of like your favourite National Day songs having a lofi-hiphop remix.

My personal favourites were the Filipino Pork Belly Sisig where you can get your babi goodness, Torikatsu Curry Chicken which packs some rich Japanese curry, and the Thai Basil Pork, which actually is really authentic!

Also paired with the set was some Har Cheong Kaarage and 2 packs of Mala Popcorn, which were quite the stars of their own right. Special stan to the popcorn as they were really the BOMB! They look to be only available to the Taco Feast Bundle so you know what you gotta do!

Order Together Amigo

You can order your fix of asian-flavoured tacos on their website here. Be sure to do it in advance to avoid disappointment.

Also don’t forget to look at their sandwiches. The last I saw, they even had a Roti John Sammie! Right now, they have the 55 NDP Taco Set ($55+) special. You Otter Kiap Together!

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Address: 15 Swan Lake Ave, Singapore 455711
Order URL: https://order.slake.sg/
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